The Adventure Begins

Now a month into my trip, I have finally got around to figuring out this blog thing, possibly; I guess you can be judge of that. So far the trip has gone with out any major hiccups. While most people have gladly warned me about countries they had never been to, I have found the people very friendly and helpful.  This is true except for one major exception. One young drunk idiot on a bus from Punta Gorda, Belize, decided to give me trouble. It was 10 am and these boys were downing rum like it was NYE, I assure you it was not. After finishing their bottle one passed out face first into the seat in front of him and the other drunken delinquent decided to have a spy through my bag. Unbeknownced to him I had the zippers to all the good stuff locked up but there was one very disappointing thing he did run off with. Cheese, some nice, stinky, European cheese that I was really looking forward to. Other than that, this crooked #%*^er was not able to snatch anything else. I brushed his drunken scrawny frame off of my bag and decided it wasn’t worth causing trouble over my cheese (after much deliberation). He got what was coming to him though. He tried to steal from a Garifuna woman and she yelled at him for 10 minutes straight including a nice section insulting his mother. He didn’t take that well and threatened to hit her, this was about the time the rest of the bus let him know that we would all be hitting him if he did so. Other than this one scum bag, people have been great both in Belize and Guatemala! Just watch your cheese.

For your viewing pleasure this is a picture of a gibnut, it has absolutely nothing to do with this post but alas, it is the only picture on my iPad.
I am not entirely sure how I will be utilizing this blog but I will try my best to make it entertaining and to drop a line every once in a while to let you all know that I am not dead yet!

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