Suessian Soliloquy  

Too sore to move, I did not groove But rather sat for a good spat An exclaim of “NEAT-O” as I ate my burrito All the excitement needed, no invite heeded Boring and lazy, no getting crazy Alone in my house but without a couch Only a plastic chair, for furniture I do not care […]

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A Complaint about Complaining

A favorite pass time of crotchety arthritic old folks. The song of the newly educated and passionate sociology student. Even the small children partake when they find something unfair. Complaining, the joyous happy noise of putrid verbal diarrhea spouting everywhere and polluting the most beautiful world we have ever known. As worry is a useless […]

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Deep Fried

Buñuelos (dough balls), chicken, empanadas, donuts and delicious chips. Deep fried, deep fried! goodness on any corner at any hour. Snacks here and snacks there, soda soda soda. When one can’t trust the water it’s best to have a real sugar cane Coca-Cola instead. Opt for a green veggie? Good luck there, it’ll be chicken […]

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