Deep Fried

Buñuelos (dough balls), chicken, empanadas, donuts and delicious chips. Deep fried, deep fried! goodness on any corner at any hour. Snacks here and snacks there, soda soda soda. When one can’t trust the water it’s best to have a real sugar cane Coca-Cola instead. Opt for a green veggie? Good luck there, it’ll be chicken and potatoes and a scoop of rice to boot. Soup each day with bits of mystery meat, or bone rather. A pizza in Pasto is perplexingly problematic to find. An endless quest for burritos and tacos is proving… Endless. And BEER, oh don’t talk about beer, dear, dear beer. Coffee is a staple, a staple to stifle the hunger for the beloved FLAVOR of home. 

There is this though, an adorable little Guinea pig.

Which is also DEEP FRIED and consumed with POTATOES

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