2016: The Giant Leap Backward


I must admit I am quite discouraged with some of the current trends in voting I’ve been seeing. Earlier this year, the UK shocked the world with the Brexit. Most of the English folks I talked to were quite against the idea and they were certain that it would not pass. Now, here in Colombia, the peace vote failed to pass. Most everyone I talked to in Pasto was for it. Apparently most of the people in small or rural towns were for the peace, they have direct experience with the guerrillas unlike the folks in the big cities who haven’t had to deal with them for years. Besides being ignorant of this persisting problem they may also have aversion to the peace as their tax dollars would have been applied to the disarming and reintegration of the guerrillas into normal life.  Others still do not believe the guerrillas deserve amnesty for their war crimes and thus voted no. There also appears to be some political wrestling. Instead of considering the step forward in ending war in their own country, others voted no because they will not support anything the current president proposes.

We will see how the Brexit plays out too. More narrow-minded, inward-focused, “where’s mine” thinking. The conservatives succeeded again in erasing years of progress toward a more global community. Of course it was hard coordinating all of the european countries and I guess folks just gave up. It was a terrible surprise for all of us. I was sailing from Panama to Colombia with 8 Brits and we were without service until after the vote. They were so certain that it would not pass. We were all shocked when we got back to the internet in Colombia and received the news. The Brexit was another example of people only focusing on their own little world. They don’t care about the other countries that will be affected by the Brexit, the immigrants who will be shut out, the young people who won’t be able to move about and work in the EU as easily. Instead they let their decision be dictated by fear of immigrants coming to their country and their tax dollars supporting someone else other than themselves.

The results of these votes are terrifying foreshadows for our own election this November. I was so confident that Trump did not stand a chance. Judging from my 1500 FB friends (which I considered a valid sample size) it seemed that only a mere 5% were in support of Trump. Perhaps this is because I have a wonderful and beautiful collection of progressive minded folks who are seeking change, maybe many Trump supporters haven’t been vocal of their support for him, maybe Trump will win because people don’t want to vote for Hillary either. Whatever the reason, Trump will probably win the election this year. Because why wouldn’t he? 2016 has been a giant leap backward politically for the rest of the world. Why don’t we just add to it and bring ourselves back to the 1950s world Trump wants to rewind us to. When he destroys all of our public relations with the rest of the world, we will be years behind where we are now. Instead of keeping things at least where we are, we will go backwards. Then eventually when we get a globally minded president again he or she will have to start over in very slow progress as none of the countries will want to work with us after being offended by a TV personality, who only has business success because of daddy’s money, who has zero political experience, who is abrasive even to people in his own country, who is selfish and will gladly rip off anyone because it is “good business” and that “makes him smart,” and who will probably get impeached for using racial slurs at a UN meeting (if he would even attend them).  In a democracy we will get what we deserve and perhaps this is the wake-up call we need. In case you can’t tell, I am depressed and upset, I am also investigating a progressive country I can move to in the near future.

Our near future! Click below…

//giphy.com/embed/12xBjJ3e1eybxC<p><a href=”https://giphy.com/gifs/maudit-maudit-terry-crews-mike-judge-12xBjJ3e1eybxC”>via GIPHY</a></p>

Image from http://giphy.com/search/idiocracy

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