On Thoughts Shaping Life

It’s no surprise to me to hear that my latest ideas on life are judged as crazy. They surely are not attuned to a normal life as most Americans know it, and therefore are crazy to about 350M people. Most probably, the ideas I have are also crazy to all the other people on the […]

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The Life of Jim: Part I

The beach life was quite nice, but too many days in paradise led young Jim along the inevitable path to boredom. After too many days of the same, “the special” turns into the new normal, and Jim didn’t have time for that. Even the lobster tail dinners for $12, including drinks, couldn’t keep this deal-seeking […]

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A Variety of Perspective

Dan’s Perspective Dan cracked open his eyes and was greeted to consciousness by a splitting headache. Groggily, he tries to remember how he made it back home the night before. What time is it? Finding his beat up phone with a cracked screen, he can barely see the 8:30 it is trying to communicate. Not again! If […]

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