The Life Not Taken (Often)

Firmly down a path already decided,
And back from abroad before I had thought,
Yet returning to Durango offering help undivided,
A new house for my parents shall be provided,
Then off to Mexico with no worry or fraught.

But for now it will be work morning, noon, and night,
In things such as stocks, writing, construction, a bar,
Four jobs in a day may not seem to be quite right,
And if you do less than that this isn’t a slight,
I am just dreaming of a land that is seemingly quite far.

Leaving a life in Colombia that was ever so clever,
Never imagining an extended stay in my home state,
I’ve gotten started in a new construction endeavor,
And found some opportunities I thought I’d never,
Maybe there is something to this thing called fate.

While having forsaken the corporate rat race,
And not looking to enter it in any way, shape or form,
The hopeless vagabond I am enjoys the chase,
Getting through each day with a smile on my face,
Because hard work pays off on the opposite end of the storm.


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