Being on the  water is a great thing. Gliding over the waves, seeing above clearly and something below, rocking gently with the sea. The sea breeze drifting by.

Tough to beat, until you dive below… but can still breathe.

There is no hurry, move slow to conserve oxygen.

Fish, crabs, lobsters, eels, turtles… sharks.

They are curious about the bubbling object with an obscure tank on its back, but they don’t get too close as the mutual fear guards both diver and animal.

Sleeping reef sharks don’t seem to notice the floating UFOs entering their room, only a few feet away.

Turtles are the most curious, playing in bubbles, staring and then returning to eating.

Everything is always eating. Except for the sharks, luckily.

The coral feeds and houses everything, yet its built by everything living in it.

Breathe in, breathe out slowly, conserve the air.

Look up to a wavy bright world and experience vertigo, focus back on the underwater world.

Float by with the current without gravity, without swimming, only flying.

Relax, drift, be.

Until the air is gone.

Slowly drift to the surface and reenter the now foreign world to breathe without a mask, leaving behind a negative altitude home below.

Should have taken smaller breathes…


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