Misadventure part XXII

Starting the hike with absolutely no idea about any real details except hearsay, I set off to climb Volcan Galeras, our local 14,000+ foot volcano with a few friends. Start early, be back for a late lunch and nap. No problem. Wrong.  12 hours.  12 hours of hiking. As if that weren't bad enough, I … Continue reading Misadventure part XXII

A Tramp through the Jungle

With only minimal time to spend in Panama, I set my mind to using all of that time wisely, using every moment seizing the day and packing my one week with much adventure. Bus after bus I made it Boquete, a wonderful area full of jungle reserves. I gathered information about the next day's hike … Continue reading A Tramp through the Jungle

Volcán Acatenango

Acatenango is the second tallest volcano of Guatemala's 37 volcanoes. With a height of 13,000 ft, it is quite the trek from Antigua which sits at about 4500 ft. I have been studying Spanish in Antigua and wanted to spice up the weekend with a vigorous hike. It was truly challenging. Our group consisted of … Continue reading Volcán Acatenango