As I am feeling rather nostalgic about Colombia tonight, I would love to tell you about my dearly beloved crispetas. Often a dinner, always a snack, and absolutely always on-hand, popcorn was a staple of my diet while living in Pasto. You may be interested to know that it is actually not just a bachelor […]

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On Thoughts Shaping Life

It’s no surprise to me to hear that my latest ideas on life are judged as crazy. They surely are not attuned to a normal life as most Americans know it, and therefore are crazy to about 350M people. Most probably, the ideas I have are also crazy to all the other people on the […]

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Archetypes of the Traveler

A stay in a hostel is an eye opening experience for anyone. Sharing a room with at least 10 people, bathroom facilities with 30 and being packed together like sardines is an interesting experience to say the least, but, meh, it’s also really cheap.  The first month of being a sardine proved to be an […]

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The Brilliant Bear

These furry friends may have figured out the best way to live. While they are some slouchy, strange looking mammals, they’ve figured out a lifestyle worthy of envy. During the late Spring, Summer and Fall, they gorge themselves on any available food source they can find: berries, apples, deer, garbage… human, anything with calories, or […]

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2016: The Giant Leap Backward

  I must admit I am quite discouraged with some of the current trends in voting I’ve been seeing. Earlier this year, the UK shocked the world with the Brexit. Most of the English folks I talked to were quite against the idea and they were certain that it would not pass. Now, here in […]

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A Complaint about Complaining

A favorite pass time of crotchety arthritic old folks. The song of the newly educated and passionate sociology student. Even the small children partake when they find something unfair. Complaining, the joyous happy noise of putrid verbal diarrhea spouting everywhere and polluting the most beautiful world we have ever known. As worry is a useless […]

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