Dealing with Wanderlust

It’s hopeless.

Our basically vagabond status is desirable (maybe only to ourselves) and we can’t let it go. However, plans change, money runs out, and you have to visit “home” every once in a while.

I haven’t found a cure, but I have found a few tactics to keep sanity when you have to stay put for a while.

  • Take mini-trips. For the hopeless wanderer even a short drive and having lunch in a neighboring town can refresh the inner traveler
  • Meet with friends to discuss old trips. This nostalgic recollection brings back the great memories and feelings, while also serving as a fix to stave off your withdrawals
  • Research your next move. Somehow even learning about a new place via online research is stimulating, plus you may stumble across a new country or region that you need to visit.
  • Enjoy wherever you’re at and take advantage of the little things in your town. It is easy to live in a daydream world thinking about your next destination and forget to enjoy the place where you’re at. This is a terrible mistake I make all the time. I get so focused on the end goal that I forget to savor my time in a truly great place and don’t make enough time to be with people that I end up missing while I travel.
  • Just forget it all and go. We all know there is no helping it, just cave in and buy a one way ticket. Figure it out on the way and just accept you are what you are – a wanderlust-infected lunatic that can’t be cured.

This article is too short, but I don’t have anything else. If you have any other tips, please let me know – I’ll take all the help I can get! Together we can face this addiction…


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