Hot Wings

Surprise, surprise… more chicken. Supposedly wings are just the left overs from the other good parts of the chicken. All the health nuts only eat chicken breast and spread their propaganda demonizing all other parts of the chicken because it doesn’t agree with their flavorless food religion. If only they realized what they’re missing out […]

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Cheap vs. a Bargain

Now, this is a very drastic distinction, indeed. Some of us deranged people out there derive pleasure in finding a bargain. For some reason buying something for less than it should be makes us feel good. Let’s set the record straight and say that there is nothing wrong with finding a bargain, but we all […]

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The Mexico Mix Up

I believe I’ve been on the road for about 3 months now, it’s hard to tell really, there aren’t seasons down here, the weather only changes when I change locations. The nice part, though, is that I haven’t blown my budget and appear to be on track for skipping the cold northern winter. In fact, […]

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Lost in Translation

My Spanish is improving, but it still isn’t quite the best. Sometimes I get hung up by a word or confused by some tricky conjugations, but generally I understand; at least, I think I understand.   Perhaps sometimes people are just kind and humor me, only nodding and smiling instead of expressing their confusion and […]

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The Brilliant Bear

These furry friends may have figured out the best way to live. While they are some slouchy, strange looking mammals, they’ve figured out a lifestyle worthy of envy. During the late Spring, Summer and Fall, they gorge themselves on any available food source they can find: berries, apples, deer, garbage… human, anything with calories, or […]

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A Bachelor’s Diet

Nothing but cheese and crackers in the fridge and the pantry Menu items not containing the words: Burrito, Cheeseburger and Hot Wings, are not considered ANYTHING prepared by a skilled cook, or actually anyone who cooks ANYTHING Beer and coffee = mi gasolina Due to high levels of caffeine intake, hunger usually doesn’t present itself, […]

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On Colombia II: The Lighter Side

While life is pretty “normal” down here in Colombia, after living here the last few months I have noticed a few cultural differences and thought I would elaborate on the ones that I find most interesting and funny. Also after my depressing political blog, I figure I owe you all something a little more light-hearted. […]

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