Cheap vs. a Bargain

Now, this is a very drastic distinction, indeed.

Some of us deranged people out there derive pleasure in finding a bargain. For some reason buying something for less than it should be makes us feel good.

Let’s set the record straight and say that there is nothing wrong with finding a bargain, but we all probably spend a little too much time trying to find the best deal, when we should just take a good deal.

Good deals are still bargains too.

Anyways, I was at the store buying some orange juice and cold remedies. I suddenly remembered I had run out of my bulky pack of flossers that had lasted me since leaving the U.S. I was terrified of not being able to find them down here so I brought A LOT of them.

Of course, this was silly. You can find any of these random odds and ends down here, so the bulky flossers package turned out to be a waste of space and excessive – lesson learned.

I was puzzled to find 3 packs of flossers, all from the same brand but different package sizes. Naturally I was reaching for the bigger pack when I noticed that the smaller pack was actually selling for less per unit (yes I always do mental math between the different packages and calculate unit cost, it’s a bargainer thing).

This caused me to pause, there was no sense in this, it must be a mislabel and I will get the smaller pack for less, avoiding the bulk and paying less! The perfect deal.

Very pleased with my purchase I wandered home feeling like only a bargainer can feel after completing a successful deal.

The beautiful feeling was violently crushed that evening during the first flossing.

Whatever that CHEAP flosser material is made of, it isn’t floss… thus the low price for the sleek and slender packaging!!!

It can’t fit between my teeth, is some sort of twine that gets stuck in my teeth and requires another garbage flosser to floss it out, and it takes 5-10 of them to complete the job. This travel pack won’t last long at this rate, maybe 3 flossings…

Thus the perfect bargain faded to cheap crappy failure.

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