Hot Wings

Surprise, surprise… more chicken.

Supposedly wings are just the left overs from the other good parts of the chicken. All the health nuts only eat chicken breast and spread their propaganda demonizing all other parts of the chicken because it doesn’t agree with their flavorless food religion.

If only they realized what they’re missing out on in the rejected chicken parts that are slathered in butter and Frank’s Red Hot.

In an epic battle to keep balance in the chicken world, I have devoted a fair amount of time in trying to keep the wing-to-breast ratio in equilibrium. It’s a tough job against this healthy eating cult, that seems to be growing by the day, but someone has to do it. On an aside, chickens do not have nuggets, so even us folks who enjoy eating have to draw the line somewhere…

Deep in the suburbian jungle of Phoenix lies a hidden gem of a wing restaurant. So hidden in fact, that you’d zip right past the strip mall speeding on your way to work… or whatever it is big city people do… to me it really only seems like work, have babies and drive in traffic.

This little spot had a million sauce flavors… but that doesn’t matter, there is only 1 buffalo sauce out there, and it’s the only one that belongs on wings. The real treat of this place however was…


KOOL-AID ON DRAFT! Surprisingly, this relic from my childhood still exists and seemingly sells by the gallon. Not surprisingly however, tropical punch is still not the crowd-pleasing favorite.

As a first in my life, I had to share.

That’s really the only point of this post. Thanks!

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