Lost in Translation

My Spanish is improving, but it still isn’t quite the best. Sometimes I get hung up by a word or confused by some tricky conjugations, but generally I understand; at least, I think I understand.   Perhaps sometimes people are just kind and humor me, only nodding and smiling instead of expressing their confusion and […]

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The Life of Jim: Part II

Going from a wandering vagabond to a short-term resident in Guatemala was a nice change for Jim. Having a chance to study Spanish, live in a home, eat 3 meals a day, consistent roommates and somewhat of a routine was a refreshing vibrant endeavor for someone who had lacked any sense of structure the previous […]

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As I am feeling rather nostalgic about Colombia tonight, I would love to tell you about my dearly beloved crispetas. Often a dinner, always a snack, and absolutely always on-hand, popcorn was a staple of my diet while living in Pasto. You may be interested to know that it is actually not just a bachelor […]

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The Life of Jim: Part I

The beach life was quite nice, but too many days in paradise led young Jim along the inevitable path to boredom. After too many days of the same, “the special” turns into the new normal, and Jim didn’t have time for that. Even the lobster tail dinners for $12, including drinks, couldn’t keep this deal-seeking […]

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A Variety of Perspective

Dan’s Perspective Dan cracked open his eyes and was greeted to consciousness by a splitting headache. Groggily, he tries to remember how he made it back home the night before. What time is it? Finding his beat up phone with a cracked screen, he can barely see the 8:30 it is trying to communicate. Not again! If […]

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The Runaway

There once was a boy, a 4-year-old boy, who on one happy day in November, turned 5. On this birthday he received a Box Turtle. A Box Turtle, they say, can live to be 100. In the boy’s 5-year-old logic, he reasoned he had a friend until 105, at which point he’d have to find […]

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