Hot Wings

Surprise, surprise… more chicken. Supposedly wings are just the left overs from the other good parts of the chicken. All the health nuts only eat chicken breast and spread their propaganda demonizing all other parts of the chicken because it doesn’t agree with their flavorless food religion. If only they realized what they’re missing out […]

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Cheap vs. a Bargain

Now, this is a very drastic distinction, indeed. Some of us deranged people out there derive pleasure in finding a bargain. For some reason buying something for less than it should be makes us feel good. Let’s set the record straight and say that there is nothing wrong with finding a bargain, but we all […]

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The Mexico Mix Up

I believe I’ve been on the road for about 3 months now, it’s hard to tell really, there aren’t seasons down here, the weather only changes when I change locations. The nice part, though, is that I haven’t blown my budget and appear to be on track for skipping the cold northern winter. In fact, […]

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Lost in Translation

My Spanish is improving, but it still isn’t quite the best. Sometimes I get hung up by a word or confused by some tricky conjugations, but generally I understand; at least, I think I understand.   Perhaps sometimes people are just kind and humor me, only nodding and smiling instead of expressing their confusion and […]

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The Life Not Taken (Often)

Firmly down a path already decided, And back from abroad before I had thought, Yet returning to Durango offering help undivided, A new house for my parents shall be provided, Then off to Mexico with no worry or fraught. But for now it will be work morning, noon, and night, In things such as stocks, […]

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The Life of Jim: Part II

Going from a wandering vagabond to a short-term resident in Guatemala was a nice change for Jim. Having a chance to study Spanish, live in a home, eat 3 meals a day, consistent roommates and somewhat of a routine was a refreshing vibrant endeavor for someone who had lacked any sense of structure the previous […]

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