On Colombia II: The Lighter Side

While life is pretty “normal” down here in Colombia, after living here the last few months I have noticed a few cultural differences and thought I would elaborate on the ones that I find most interesting and funny. Also after my depressing political blog, I figure I owe you all something a little more light-hearted. […]

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On Colombia

Why would you go there? You’re crazy!  Isn’t it dangerous? You’ll be killed! These were the common responses I received when I informed the friendly folks who seem to care about me that I would be remaining in Colombia for an extended stay. I have been here for several months now and I would like […]

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Deep Fried

Buñuelos (dough balls), chicken, empanadas, donuts and delicious chips. Deep fried, deep fried! goodness on any corner at any hour. Snacks here and snacks there, soda soda soda. When one can’t trust the water it’s best to have a real sugar cane Coca-Cola instead. Opt for a green veggie? Good luck there, it’ll be chicken […]

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On a Beach in El Salvador

Walking along the volcanic ash-dyed gray sandy beaches of playa Cuco, one may find the most peculiar nature. Fear free of stepping on any sharp lava rock, caution is still necessary to avoid stirring a sting ray while enjoying the 82 degree water. A walk down the beach will be full of many sand dollars […]

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On Coffee

Dark, delightful and desperately needed, Any warning against it will not be headed, With a roasty flavor of which I am keen, Give me my coffee each morning lest I be mean. As coffee is so high on my nonexistent list of favorite things, I visited a plantation in Antigua to learn a little bit […]

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